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Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about VR Utopia.

VR stands for Virtual Reality. It is a technology that immerses users in a computer-generated, three-dimensional environment, allowing them to interact with the virtual world using specialized electronic equipment, typically a VR headset. The experience feels lifelike and realistic, as if the users are physically present in the virtual environment.

Yes, you can make a reservation using the online booking system we have or call us at 211-415-9665.

The game selection is made on-site with our guidance before your session starts. It’s a good idea to take a look at the games to see what interests you so that we know what to recommend to you. Also you could switch games during your session.

Up to 4 players.

Almost all games can be played together with your friends.

The duration of one session is 1 hour. If you wish, you can make a reservation for more than 1 session.

Appropriate instructions will be given to you before your session begins, so for the best experience come 10 minutes before your appointment.

Children must be 10 years old or above. Mandatory supervision for children up to 14 years old.

Choose comfortable clothes (we recommend a short-sleeved top) and sports shoes for greater comfort. If you have long hair, avoid having it in a high bun.

One hour of play for 2 people is €20 per person, for 3 people it is €18 per person, for 4 people it is €16 per person. You can find other offers here.